LinkForest gathers millions of products from thier network of retailers and collates them together into unique cross-platform niche websites and applications.

Site Publication

For The LinkForest staff to be able to publish new websites quickly we’ve built the backend administration system as streamlined as possible.

Complete with a built in logo, header and icon builder for quick image editing with stock photo and icon search functionality, it takes less than 3 minutes from start to end to build a fully featured website that hosts thousands of products.

Advanced Product Linking

Products are automatically matched with Amazon Product Results giving the visitor more options for purchase along with associated review and technical specification data.

Product Searching

Product Search on LinkForest is powered by the Sphinx Search engine, searching the evergrowing database of millions of products in sub millisecond time.

Further Search suggestions are gathered from search and ecommerce sites, utilizing the preexisting autocomplete apis exposed LinkForest can build a list of highly accurate long tail search terms based off a simple seed search.

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