LoadShare is a unique platform that enables people traveling to make money by finding parcels appropriate to thier route and linking them together in an easy to understand flow.

Send Parcels

If you have a parcel or goods to send you can list them on LoadShare with the required delivery address and collection date. The listing would makes use of LoadShares vast network of individuals who will collect your package from your address and deliver it to the destination.

Deliver Parcels

If you have some space in your your vehicle on an existing journey, you can earn money for that journey by delivering parcels on LoadShares Network. LoadShare is a great way to make those long journeys cost less, and also scales to allow you to deliver parcels exclusively at very competitive rates!

LoadShare presented us with many challenges, from implementing a highly optimised coordinate based search algorythm, a first in it’s field using recursive point selections, to building a robust and easy to understand user interface for web and mobile. Check them out using the buttons below!